Snap Judgments, Episode 19: Misters Positive

This week Roy and Glazer are joined by special guests SavageYeti (@SavageYetiYT) and ProggerPlays (@ProggerPlays) to discuss everything they love about Marvel Snap! In this relentlessly generous and upbeat episode, these gentlemen emphasize the positive about the cards, the metagame, and the community, plus a few of our namesake snap judgments and hot takes sprinkled in for spice! Looking for a midweek pick me up? Just give this episode a listen!

After listening to the episode, make sure you check out the content by our illustrious guests. You can find SavageYeti on YouTube ( and Twitter (@SavageYetiYT). You can find Progger streaming over at Twitch ( on Twitter (@ProggerPlays).

Glazer has launched a weekday show on our YouTube channel called “Snap Takes.” Monday through Friday, Glazer offers a searingly hot take on the state of Marvel Snap. This is not to miss content if you want to stay on top of the discourse around Snap. The first episode is available now on our YouTube channel! Glazer is also producing regular YouTube shorts and holding regular give aways to our YouTube subscribers and Twitter followers. Make sure you check out our channel.

We now offer our show notes to our listeners in both GoogleDocs & PDF form! If you want to check out links to everything we discuss in this week’s episode give those show notes a click!

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